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Omur Akkor in London – A pinch of Anatolia

Ömür Akkor

gourmet chef

food historian


“M. Omur Akkor, a gourmet chef, food historian, and traveller, was born in Kilis, Turkey, A town known for its rich cuisine. He graduated from Uludag University with a degree in Economics. Currently, he is working on his second degree in “Cultural Heritage and Tourism.” He researches the local and forgotten cuisines of Turkey. For this purpose, Akkor has visited 81 cities and hundreds of towns within Turkey for the last 15 years to complete “250.000 km for Turkish Cuisine” Project. The Project continues as “300.000 km for Turkish Cuisine.” In addition to his degree, he works on nationally broadcast TV programs and writes articles on food culture and travel in nationally distributed magazines in Turkey. His book, Bursa Mutfagi (The Cuisine of Bursa), was elected as “Best Local Cuisine Book 2009” by Gourmand Cookbook Awards which is considered as the Nobel of the Cookbooks. Akkor also won the “Gourmand Cookbook Award” for Best Culinary History Cookbook in 2012, and the Best Corporate Book in 2014. These days Omi.ir still gives cooking lessons. He also still hosts cooking shows. Currently, he lives in Istanbul, Turkey.”


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